LINE VOOM issues

General solutions for issues with LINE toggle

If you're having issues with LINE, try the following troubleshooting tips.

• Close all running apps.

• Restart LINE and your device.

• Update LINE to the latest version.


Additionally, issues may occur if you do not use LINE with the recommended system specifications.

Note: We do not offer support for devices that are jailbroken or rooted.


If you experience network errors or images do not appear properly, try the following:

• Delete any unnecessary apps and data, and clear the cache on your device.

• Check if your network connection has any restrictions or filtering services in place.

• Clear the LINE app's cache.


To clear the LINE app's cache:

1. On your device go to Settings > Apps > LINE.

2. Check under Storage > tap Clear cache.

Note: These steps may appear differently depending on your device.

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What to check if you're not receiving LINE VOOM notifications toggle
If you're not receiving LINE VOOM notifications, refer to this article regarding LINE VOOM notification settings.

If you're unable to resolve your issue after checking the above article, try these basic steps.

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The app crashes when I look at LINE VOOM toggle
The app may crash when you view LINE VOOM if a post contains Unicode or special characters. Try logging in to LINE for PC/Mac to check if any posts with Unicode characters appear on LINE VOOM.
Note: If you've never used LINE for PC/Mac, see this Help article for details.

If you find a post with Unicode characters, block the user who posted it on LINE VOOM to see if it fixes the issue.

If you're still unable to resolve the issue, try the general solutions in this Help article.

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Posts by certain users don't appear toggle
A user's posts will not appear on LINE VOOM if:
• You added them to Accounts hidden on LINE VOOM.
• You are (or were) added by them to Accounts blocked on LINE VOOM.
• They restricted their posts' privacy settings.

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I don't see any posts by the users I follow on LINE VOOM toggle
If you changed devices but didn't transfer your LINE account
The LINE VOOM posts that appeared on your old LINE account cannot be restored on a new LINE account, even if you follow the same users again.
Note: You can view the old posts of users you're following from their profiles.

If you don't see new LINE VOOM posts from a user you're following
The user may have restricted their posts' privacy settings.

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Images are not appearing on LINE VOOM or my profile toggle
If images are not appearing, try:
• Checking the amount of memory available on your device and SD card.
• Re-downloading the stickers (if these are the images you're having issues with).

To re-download stickers:
1. From the Home tab, tap Settings > Stickers > Sticker set order.
2. Tap Delete next to the relevant stickers > Delete.
3. From the Home tab, tap Settings > Stickers > Purchase history.
4. Tap the relevant stickers > Download.

If the issue persists after you've tried everything above, or if you're experiencing a different issue, try these general solutions.

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