Abuse in Chats and Groups

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If you are experiencing trouble due to harassment or other illegal activities, please first discuss the matter with your family and close friends.


Chat history and other information of LINE users is considered private information and protected with the highest level of security possible, in addition to being protected by privacy laws which guarantee the right to secrecy of communication.


In order to guarantee that users can freely communicate, we are not able to view chat content. Please understand that for this reason, we cannot verify chat history, and therefore are unable to take any action in regards to it.


Please refer to the following link for help preventing harassment in chat messages or if you were added as a friend by someone you do not know.


Chat Security


If you are having Unicode-related issues, such as with special characters and symbols, please refer to the Help page below.


Issues with special characters and symbols

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If you're experiencing issues caused by Unicode (e.g. special characters or symbols), you may be able to resolve them by using LINE for PC.

Please refer to the Help article below if you haven't used LINE for PC before.

If you can use LINE for PC, please try the troubleshooting tips below.

For issues in 1-on-1 chats
Delete the chat history of chat rooms that have Unicode in them:
1. From the Chat list, right-click on the relevant chat.
2. Click Delete.

For issues with group invitations
Decline the group invitation:
1. From the Group invitations list, right-click on the relevant group.
2. Click Decline.

For issues with group chats
Leave the group:
1. From your friend list, right-click on the relevant group.
2. Click Leave group.

For issues with your Friends list
Change your friend's display name:
1. From your friend list, right-click on the relevant friend(s).
2. Click Change friend’s name.
3. Click the name that appears, then edit and save it.

For issues with Timeline
Block your friend:
1. From your friend list, right-click on the relevant friend(s).
2. Click Block.

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If you receive invitations from unknown groups, you can report them by following the steps below.
Note: Group members won't be notified if you report them.

1. Open the group chat you want to report.
2. Tap Report.
3. Select your reason for making the report, then tap Agree & send.

If the content you reported violates our terms and conditions, we will take appropriate action.

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