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Using LINE Pay overseas toggle
You can make My Code payments outside of Japan at stores that have the LINE Pay logo.

To see the merchants that accept LINE Pay in another country:
1. From the LINE Pay main menu, tap Find a Store > List.
2. Tap the flag icon of the country you're currently in.
- When using LINE Pay overseas, only a registered credit card can be selected as a payment method.
- Points and coupons cannot be used at overseas merchants.

When having your QR code/barcode scanned at the register:
• The barcode generated will be for making transactions in the country that is detected using your device's location.
• You can select your country manually by tapping the flag icon at the bottom of the My Code payment screen if the country does not automatically change.

When scanning a merchant's QR code:
• Make your payment by selecting the credit card registered to your LINE Pay account.

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