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With LINE Pay, you can easily make payments with the money added to your LINE Pay balance, Add & Pay, or a registered credit/debit card (only available with some LINE service merchants). You can also make debit payments with a linked bank account.
Note: Due to enhanced security, you may be asked to upload documents for identity verification when linking a bank.

Accepted payment methods will vary by merchant. Be sure to check each merchant’s payment page to see which options are available.


可以使用LINE Pay在哪些服务或店铺中进行支付? toggle


See this page for a list of merchants that accept LINE Pay (only available in Japanese).

Payments for non-LINE-related services can only be made using your LINE Pay balance or Add & Pay.

You can use your LINE Pay balance, Add & Pay, or a credit card registered to LINE Pay when making payments at online stores for LINE services.

LINE Pay cards and virtual cards can be used at merchants where JCB cards are accepted.

Google Pay can be used at merchants that accept QUICPay+ all over Japan. For details, see here (only available in Japanese).


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自动支付的金额与上次不同 toggle



怎样查询商品的配送情况? toggle


怎样使用LINE Pay在线支付时购买商品? toggle
请参考以下步骤于LINE Pay线上商家购买商品。

- 若您持有LINE Pay帐号
1)在网站内支付时,请选择[LINE Pay]
2)LINE Pay将在智能手机中启动
4)输入LINE Pay密码后,点击[OK](确定)

在使用部分LINE服务(LINE STORE/LINE Delima/LINE Pockeo等)时,即使您没有LINE Pay帐号也可以进行支付。

- 如果您在未注册LINE Pay的情况下进行支付
1)在支付时选择[LINE Pay]
4)选择是否注册LINE Pay
※如果您希望注册LINE Pay,请设置密码
完成支付后,您会收到由LINE Pay发送的关于支付明细说明的LINE聊天信息。


未注册LINE Pay,也可以进行支付吗? toggle
如果您是LINE用户,则无需额外进行注册即可使用LINE Pay支付。


另外,支付完毕后,LINE Pay的官方帐号会以LINE聊天信息的形式,向您的LINE发送支付明细的说明信息。


※在未加入LINE Pay的状态下使用支付功能时,需要您事先同意各条款内容。






无法使用LINE Pay中绑定的信用卡支付 toggle

- 卡片信息无效
- 出现临时错误
- 防止盗用的系统被激活





什么是[扫描]? toggle
[扫描]是在可使用LINE Pay加盟店的电脑网站或部分实体店中,轻松调出支付页面的功能。

购买商品时,使用LINE Pay应用读取店铺内出示的二维码(或条形码)后,即可进行支付。

1)点击LINE Pay主菜单页面的[扫描]
※如果您未设置LINE Pay密码,选择支付方式后需要设置LINE Pay密码。
4)输入LINE Pay密码,完成支付



在实体店可以使用LINE Pay支付吗? toggle

Yes, you can make payments at LINE Pay affiliated stores.

When you purchase an item, use your smartphone to scan the QR or bar code posted at the store to bring up the payment confirmation screen. Afterwards, enter your passcode to complete the transaction.

See here for a list of merchants that accept payments with LINE Pay (only available in Japanese).

To make payments: 
1. From the LINE Pay main menu, tap Scan.
2. Line up the QR code inside the frame.
Note: If you can't scan the code, tap Enter Code Number at the bottom of the screen and manually enter the code number that appears with the QR code.


使用扫码支付也能获得LINE积分吗? toggle

You will receive Points based on your level.
Note: To earn Points, you need to make payments with the Add & Pay feature.

For more information, see this Help article.


使用我的代码进行支付时的付款方式是什么? toggle


When making code payments, you can use your LINE Pay balance, Add & Pay, Points, and LINE Pay Bonus.
Note: Any credit card registered to your LINE Pay account other than the Visa LINE Pay credit card cannot be used with code payments.

To use your LINE Pay balance, you need to add money to it first. For information on how to do so, see this Help article.

For details about Add & Pay and the Visa LINE Pay credit card, see the following Help articles.


在罗森(LAWSON)便利店使用我的代码支付的限额是多少? toggle


You can make payments of up to JPY 30,000 at a time.


无法使用我的代码进行支付 toggle


If you're unable to make a payment at a store that accepts code payments, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

• You're connected to a Wi-Fi network.
You may get a security error if you're connected to a store's Wi-Fi network. Disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and try making the payment once again.

• Your Visa LINE Pay credit card was not registered to LINE Pay properly (for using Add & Pay as your payment method).
For information on how to register your Visa LINE Pay credit card, see this Help article.
Note: If you want to use your LINE Pay balance as your payment method, from the LINE Pay main menu tap Add & Pay or Payment method in the middle of the screen and select LINE Pay balance.

• The code has expired.
Codes are only valid for five minutes. Tap Refresh and try making the payment again with a new code.

• You don't have enough money in your LINE Pay balance.
Try making the code payment again after adding money to your balance.
Note: You can check your balance from the My Code screen and the LINE Pay main menu.

• You didn't select a payment method.
You need to select a payment method the first time you make a code payment. Select LINE Pay balance or Add & Pay next to Payment method, read the important notes, then tap OK.

• Your screen is too dark or the code is not fully displayed.
Your code cannot be scanned if your screen's brightness is set too low. Make sure to increase the brightness before making a My Code payment. Also, your code may not fully appear depending on the size of your smartphone's screen. In this case, adjust the screen so your code is displayed completely.

• The cashier at the store didn't select LINE Pay as the payment method.
Tell the cashier again that you are paying with LINE Pay.


什么是[我的代码]? toggle

The My Code feature allows you to make payments at stores by scanning your code.

1. From the main menu, tap My Code.
2. Show the generated code at the store.

Please note that your code will renew itself every 5 minutes.


若取消了使用LINE积分进行的支付,已使用的LINE积分可以返还吗? toggle

If you cancel a payment, any Points that you used will be refunded along with the amount used from your LINE Pay balance.
Note: In the case of partial cancelations, your LINE Pay balance refund will be prioritized.

If you have a Japanese LINE Pay account and used Points with Add & Pay, see this Help article.


无法同时使用LINE积分完成支付 toggle



LINE Points cannot be used for payments at some merchants.


可以在支付时使用LINE积分吗? toggle

With some exceptions, you can use Points for making payments. For information on how Points can be used with various payment methods, see this Help article.


可以指定用于支付的LINE积分数量吗? toggle

You can specify the number of Points you want to use for online payments, Scan Bill payments, and Scan payments. The number of Points can't be specified for payments made with My Code, your LINE Pay card, or Google Pay.

If the setting to use LINE Points is turned on, payments will be made from your available Points first, and the remaining amount will be subtracted from your LINE Pay balance or from Add & Pay. If you don’t want to use your Points, you can turn them off by referring to the information in this Help article.


无法扫描账单内的条形码 toggle



If you're having trouble scanning a barcode, try moving the camera a little closer or further away.
Note: With an Android device, you can rotate the camera and scan the barcode horizontally.

Also, if you're using LINE with a Japanese phone number, you may not be able to make your payment due to one of the reasons mentioned in this Help article.

If you see an error, try using another payment method at a store written on the back of the bill.


怎样进行账单支付? toggle

To pay public utility fees with LINE Pay:
1. From the LINE Pay main menu, tap Scan bill.
2. Read the instructions and important information, then tap Next.
3. Scan the barcode on the bill with the code reader.
4. Make sure the content displayed matches the content on the bill, then tap Pay.
5. Select your payment method, confirm the amount due, and tap Pay.
6. Enter your LINE Pay passcode.
7. Check everything on the payment confirmation screen, then tap OK.
Note: Depending on the payment recipient, service charges may apply. For more details, see here.

You can confirm your payment history by going to the LINE Pay main menu > Settings > Purchase History.


可以在哪些店铺使用账单支付? toggle

For information on locations that accept barcode payments, please see here. (Available in Japanese only.)


无法进行账单支付 toggle
You cannot use Scan Bill to make payments if:
• The bill issuer doesn't accept Scan Bill payments.
See the following posts on LINE Pay's official blog for details (only available in Japanese).

• The amount due is JPY 50,000 or more and exceeds the bill's payment limit.
Depending on the bill issuer, there may be a set maximum payment limit that restricts Scan Bill payments of JPY 50,000 or more.

• There are issues with your smartphone's network connection.

• The payment is overdue.

If you are unable to use Scan Bill, please make the payment in person at one of the participating locations listed on the back of the bill.


账单支付后可以开具收据吗? toggle

Receipts are not issued for barcode payments. Please check your Purchase History on LINE Pay to confirm the details of your payment.


使用账单支付可以获得LINE积分吗? toggle



Points are issued for Scan Bill payments made with Add & Pay based on your LINE POINT CLUB level.
Note: Points are not issued for payments made using your LINE Pay balance.

For more information about LINE POINT CLUB, see this Help article.

Points for the My Number Points program are not awarded for Scan Bill payments. For more information about My Number Points, see this LINE Pay official blog entry (only available in Japanese).


进行账单支付时可以使用信用卡吗? toggle



If you have a Visa LINE Pay credit card, you can make Scan Bill payments using Add & Pay.

For more information about Add & Pay, see this help article.


账单支付需要支付手续费吗? toggle

Depending on the payment recipient, service charges may apply if it is explicitly written on the bill that the customer is responsible for paying them.

• Service charge for bills under JPY 10,000: JPY 66
• Service charge for bills that are JPY 10,000 or more: JPY 110


智能手机中无法使用LINE Pay支付 toggle

If a payment failed when using LINE Pay on your smartphone, please try the following:

• Update LINE to the latest version.

• If the payment screen does not display properly or closes midway with some apps or mobile browsers, the payment will not be properly completed. In such cases, please select Continue on the payment pending screen that appears directly after making the payment. If the Continue button does not respond, please log in to LINE from the link at the bottom of the screen. After logging in to LINE and tapping the notification message that appears, the LINE Pay payment screen will appear. If the link to the login screen does not work, please use your device's browser (e.g. Safari), or another browser (e.g. Chrome).

• All payments need to be completed within 20 minutes. If more than 20 minutes have passed since you started making a payment, you will need to start over from the beginning.

If you can't use Google Pay, please see this Help article.


什么是借记卡支付? toggle



Debit Payments are subtracted immediately from your bank account linked to LINE Pay.

You can make debit payments if the Bank Account option appears on the payment screen.

If you want to change the bank account you use for making debit payments, you can do so by selecting Change from the payment screen.

- Accepted bank accounts vary by merchant.
- If the Bank Account option doesn't appear on the payment screen, you will need to register a bank account by selecting Add.
- Due to enhanced security, you may be asked to upload documents for identity verification when linking a bank.

If your LINE Pay balance doesn't appear on the payment screen, it means you linked a bank account that cannot be used for that merchant. Please try again after adding a different bank account.

If you want to receive a refund for a payment that failed due to a bank’s delayed response, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.


无法使用借记卡支付功能 toggle



If you’re unable to make debit payments, see this Help article

Please note that a LINE Money account is required to make debit payments. For more information about LINE Money accounts, see this Help article.


可以在国外的LINE Pay商家使用LINE Pay支付吗? toggle



You can make My Code payments outside of Japan at stores that have the LINE Pay logo.
- Only a registered credit card can be selected as a payment method for LINE Pay overseas.
- You cannot use LINE Points or coupons at overseas merchants.

When having your QR code/barcode scanned at the register:
 • The barcode generated will be for making transactions in the country that is detected using your device's location.
 • You can select your country manually by tapping the flag icon at the bottom of the My Code payment screen if the country does not automatically change.

When scanning a merchant's QR code:
 • Make your payment by selecting the credit card registered to your LINE Pay account.

Important: At this time, people visiting Japan cannot make payments with LINE Pay at Japanese LINE Pay merchants. We are working hard to make more payment methods available as soon as possible.