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If you are not receiving Timeline notifications, please refer to this article regarding Timeline notification settings.

If you are unable to resolve your issue after checking the above article, please try these basic steps.

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If you are having issues with LINE, first please try the following:


• Close all running apps.

• Restart your device and the app.

• Update LINE to the latest version.


Additionally, issues may occur if you do not use LINE with the recommended system specifications. Please see here for the recommended system specifications.

Note: We do not offer support for devices that are jailbroken or rooted.


If you experience network errors or images do not appear properly, please try the following:


• Delete any unnecessary apps and data on your device.

• Check if your network connection has any restrictions or filtering services in place.

• Clear the LINE app's cache.


To clear the LINE app's cache:

1. On your device go to Settings > Apps > LINE.

2. Check under STORAGE > tap Clear data.

Note: The steps may appear differently depending on the device.

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