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    Adding and Withdrawing Money

    Adding money

    Adding money from a bank account

    About the linked bank account service

    Banks that can be registered to add money to LINE Pay

    When I try to link a bank account, I see a message that says my information doesn't match

    Can I add multiple bank accounts?

    Adding money from a Seven Bank ATM

    Adding money with Tokyu Railways ticket machines

    Adding money from FamiPorts

    Limits for adding, withdrawing, and spending money

    Withdrawing your LINE Pay balance

    Checking your history of added money, withdrawals, and payments

    What can I do at Seven Bank ATMs?

    Withdrawing money from a Seven Bank ATM

    I can't link my bank account

    What is Auto Deposit?

    I want to delete my registered bank account

    Where can I check my balance?

    I can't add money from my bank account

    Adding money at AINZ & TULPE via QR Code/Barcode

    Linking your bank account to LINE Pay

    Raising your limits

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