Apakah yang dimaksud dengan layanan LINE Pay? toggle
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LINE Pay is a smartphone digital wallet service offered by LINE. You can use it to shop both online and offline by adding money to your LINE Pay balance in advance or adding a credit card.

For details about using LINE Pay, see here (only available in Japanese).
Note: To sign up for LINE Pay, you need a LINE account that is registered with a Japanese phone number.

By verifying your identity, you can convert your LINE Cash account to a LINE Money account and get access to features for sending and withdrawing money.

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Apakah ada biaya prosedur saat menggunakan LINE Pay? toggle
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There are no service charges for making payments with LINE Pay, adding money to your LINE Pay balance, or sending money to friends on LINE. However, there are service charges for the following features.

• LINE Pay balance withdrawals: JPY 220 per withdrawal
• Wire transfers: JPY 176 per transfer
• Pay bill
Note: For more information on Pay bill service charges, see this Help article.

There are also separate service charges for merchants using LINE Pay. For details, see the LINE Pay Merchant website.

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Apakah LINE Pay aman? toggle

Di LINE Pay, untuk menghindari terjadinya penyalahgunaan oleh pihak ketiga, pengguna bisa membuat kode sandi yang berbeda dengan akun LINE.
Kode sandi LINE Pay juga berfungsi untuk mengamankan akun LINE Pay jika ponsel hilang atau dicuri.
Catatan: Jika kode sandi LINE Pay belum dibuat, silakan buat kode sandi untuk keamanan penggunaan layanan LINE Pay

Informasi saldo dan kartu bisa dilindungi dengan menyalakan fitur Kunci Kode Sandi.

Cara menyalakan fitur Kunci Kode Sandi adalah sebagai berikut.
1. Di menu utama LINE Pay, tekan Pengaturan > Kode Sandi
2. Nyalakan Kunci Kode Sandi

LINE Pay menerapkan sistem pengkodean (enkripsi) tingkat tinggi untuk melindungi informasi pribadi serta informasi pembayaran dari kemungkinan pencurian informasi melalui situs palsu. LINE Pay juga menerapkan fitur pengecekan ganda dengan menggunakan informasi pengguna dan informasi pendaftaran LINE Pay.
Pembayaran baru bisa diselesaikan jika pengguna membuka LINE Pay di ponsel dan melakukan proses pembayaran sendiri.
Pada saat proses sedang berlangsung, informasi profil LINE pengguna akan ditampilkan di bagian atas layar sehingga bisa memastikan bahwa itu adalah pembayaran dengan LINE Pay.
Catatan: Informasi profil LINE tidak akan muncul jika situs bersangkutan adalah situs palsu

Jika terjadi kehilangan ponsel, tidak perlu khawatir. Silakan hubungi kami untuk menonaktifkan akun LINE Pay yang digunakan.
Untuk mengaktifkannya kembali, silakan lakukan sendiri langsung dari ponsel yang digunakan.

Untuk mengajukan permohonan untuk menonaktifkan LINE Pay, silakan cek halaman Bantuan ini terlebih dahulu.
Catatan: Jika terjadi kehilangan atau pencurian kartu kredit Visa LINE Pay, silakan cek di sini (hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris)

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Apa yang dimaksud dengan LINE Cash dan LINE Money? toggle
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There are two types of LINE Pay accounts. The features available depend on which account type you have.
Note: You can also make payments using LINE Pay without signing up for an account. For details, see this Help article.

LINE Cash account
This account type is for users who have not completed verifying their identities on LINE Pay.

With a LINE Cash account, you can make purchases using your LINE Pay balance (once you've added money to it) or a registered credit card. Having either of the following cards issued will allow you to make purchases at Visa merchants.
Note: You can have both cards issued.

• Visa LINE Pay prepaid card (only for use with online Visa merchants in Japan)
• Visa LINE Pay credit card

In addition to making payments, the only available features are Request Money and Split Bill Request. You cannot send money to your friends on LINE.

LINE Money account
This account type is for users who have completed verifying their identities on LINE Pay.
Note: For information on verifying your identity to use LINE Money, see this Help article.

When you verify your identity, your limits for adding, withdrawing, and spending money are raised. For more information, see this Help article.

 You can also use the following features:
• Send money to friends on LINE
• Make withdrawals from your LINE Pay balance
• Make wire transfers
• Use a Visa LINE Pay prepaid card with online Visa merchants outside of Japan

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Cara melakukan verifikasi identitas agar dapat menggunakan LINE Money toggle
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- As of September 16, 2020, temporary restrictions have been placed on registering bank accounts and adding money to LINE Pay for some banks.
- If you see a message saying that service has been restricted after selecting your bank account, please consider verifying your identity with your smartphone.
- For information on which banks are subject to restrictions and other details, see Notices in the LINE Pay main menu.

To use LINE Money, you need to verify your identity with your smartphone. To do so, go to LINE Pay and tap Settings > Identity verification, and follow the onscreen guidance.
- If you haven’t set a passcode, you must set one after agreeing to the Terms of Use.
- Your identity verification request will be canceled if you unsuccessfully try to transfer your LINE account (e.g. after changing devices).
- This option may not be available on some devices.
- You need to take a photo of the side of your ID (its thickness). For instructions on how to do so, see this official LINE Pay blog entry. (Only available in Japanese.)

You can use any of the following photo IDs when verifying your identity.

• Driver's license
• Driving history certificate (運転経歴証明書)
• Japanese passport
Note: Japanese passports without the "Information on Bearer" page are not accepted.
• Individual Number ("My Number") card
Note: Individual Number notification cards are not accepted.
• Residence card
• Special permanent resident certificate

Once you've finished verifying your identity with your smartphone, you'll receive a notification from the LINE Pay identity verification (LINE Pay本人確認) account, and you'll be able to send money and use other LINE Money services.
- You need to use LINE version 9.6.5 or later (iOS) to verify your identity this way.
- As of September 30, 2021, the option to verify your identity just by linking a bank account is no longer available.

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Rekomendasi perangkat untuk menggunakan LINE Pay toggle

Penggunaan LINE Pay memerlukan ponsel iPhone atau Android.
Ada kemungkinan LINE Pay tidak bisa digunakan dengan benar jika digunakan pada perangkat tablet.

Berikut rekomendasi perangkat untuk menggunakan LINE Pay.

iOS 14.0 ke atas

OS Android 7.0 ke atas

- Google Chrome: versi 30 ke atas
- Microsoft Internet Explorer: versi 11 ke atas
- Mozilla Firefox: versi 27 ke atas
Catatan: Untuk pengguna LINE yang menggunakan nomor telepon Jepang, jika terjadi eror saat menautkan rekening bank, silakan update browser perangkat ke versi terbaru, atau silakan coba tautkan lagi menggunakan browser lain dengan versi terbaru

Saat menggunakan LINE Pay, harap cek juga rekomendasi perangkat untuk menjalankan LINE.

Untuk diperhatikan, pada saat mengatur ulang kata sandi, diperlukan kode verifikasi yang diterima melalui panggilan suara.
Oleh karena itu, mohon daftarkan nomor telepon yang bisa digunakan untuk melakukan panggilan suara ke akun LINE.

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Belum menyelesaikan "Menggunakan Ponsel untuk Verifikasi Identitas" toggle

(Hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris)


The Verify with your smartphone option is usually completed on the same day or within three days.
Note: It may take longer depending on the volume of requests we receive.

Once completed, the LINE Pay Identity Verification (LINE Pay本人確認) account will contact you with your results via a message on LINE. For details regarding your results, check the link in the chat message.

If your application is not successful, make sure:
• Your name and address are written exactly as they appear on your ID.
Note: Be sure to also enter the building name and apartment number.
• Your entire ID is visible and all the details are clear.
• There is no glare in the photo of your ID.
• To take a photo of your ID in a way so that its thickness can be confirmed.
• To take photos of both sides of your ID if required.
Note: We cannot accept a photo of only the front or back of the ID, or photos of one side from two different IDs.
• To attach photos of the personal data page and the "Information on Bearer" page if you're using your passport.
Note: Your application will not be accepted if we cannot confirm the "Information on Bearer" page.

For more information on how to verify your identity, see this blog post (only available in Japanese).

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Jenis layanan di LINE Pay yang tidak mendapatkan poin toggle

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In LINE POINT CLUB, you will not receive Points for:
• Payments made with methods other than Add & Pay.
• Payments with a Visa LINE Pay credit card that isn't registered to your LINE Pay account.
• The portion of a purchase that was discounted with Points.
• The portion of a purchase that was discounted with a LINE Pay coupon (reward coupon).
• LINE Pay card (JCB brand) payments.
• Visa LINE Pay prepaid card payments.
• Google Pay (QUICPay+).
• Google Pay (iD)
• Apple Pay (iD).

For details about transactions that do not earn Points, see this Help article.

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