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The Basics

Any difference between the PC & Windows 8 versions of LINE?

Yes! The PC version of LINE is a desktop client for use on Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS.

The Windows 8 version of LINE is an application which supports the Windows 8 and Windows RT’s Modern UI, and can be used on the tablets and desktops.

They are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean and Japanese.

Can I use the PC/Windows 8 versions of LINE, even if I don't use the smartphone version?

We are very sorry but you can only use the PC and Windows 8 versions of LINE if you use LINE on your smartphone. Please note that you cannot register a new LINE account from the PC or Windows 8 versions.

Where can I download the PC and Windows 8 versions from?

You can download the PC and Windows 8 versions of LINE from the following page.

Windows 8 users can also find the app in the Windows stores for their respective devices.

Please note that we cannot guarantee whether these versions of LINE will work on any environments other than the recommended ones.