I forgot my password toggle
If you forgot your password, you can reset it. Please follow the steps below that match your situation.

If you can use the app
Follow the steps below to have a password reset email sent to you:

1. Tap "..." > Settings.
2. Tap Accounts > Email registration.
3. Tap your registered email address.
Note: For Windows 10 Mobile, tap Change Your Email.
4. Tap Forgot your password? > OK.

If you will transfer your account
If you can't remember your password when trying to log in (by selecting Log in) after changing devices or uninstalling the app, follow the steps below to request a password reset email:

1. Tap LINE User Login.
2. Tap Forgot your password?.
3. Enter the email address registered to the account you want to transfer.
4. Tap OK.

The email will be sent to the email address registered to your account. If you don't receive the password reset email, please see here.

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What's the difference between an account and a User ID? toggle
A LINE account refers to the name, phone number, photo, and registered User ID etc.
Once an account is deleted, the registered information above will also be deleted.

A User ID is unique to every user and is used to identify the user within the LINE service.
When you register to LINE it will not be set. You will need to choose and register an ID yourself.

To set your LINE ID, go to More > Settings > Profile
*Once an ID is set, it cannot be changed. Please bear this in mind when setting your User ID.

Once you have set your LINE User ID, you can become friends with people who you have not exchanged phone numbers with by exchanging IDs.

If you do not want other users to search for your ID, please go into Profile and switch OFF the Public User ID setting.
*As stated in our terms, it is forbidden to share and exchange IDs on the internet for match-making purposes. We kindly ask to refrain from such actions.

We hope you have fun!

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Can I change my registered phone number? toggle
As the phone number is entered when the app is initially installed and cannot be changed after that, please uninstall and then reinstall LINE and go through the verification process again if you wish to register a new phone number.

Please note that your chat history will be deleted by doing the above.

After reinstalling LINE, please use LINE User Login to carry over your account.

For more details about carrying over accounts, please see the following article.

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My friends told me they see me under 2 accounts. toggle
If you create a new LINE account on a new device without deleting your account from the previous device, you will end up with multiple LINE accounts.

If you cannot use your previous device, then you will not be able to delete your previous account.

Since your friends cannot delete your account, please tell them to block your previous account.

For more information on how to block users, please see the Help article below.

"Blocking Friend Recommendations"

For iOS users, see this article
For Android users, see this article
For other devices, see this article

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If only I know the other person's phone number, can the other person see my profile? toggle
If a person with your mobile phone number registered in their contacts starts LINE, they will automatically be added to your Friends list. If you do not wish to automatically add friends, please turn off Auto Add Friends.

If they haven’t got your number registered in their contacts, you will be shown under their Friends Recommendations, where your LINE Display Name, profile picture, and status message (What’s Up? messages) will be displayed. However, no other information will be shown to the other person.

If you want to be deleted from their Friend Recommendations list, you must delete your account.

Likewise, once your account has been added to their Friends list, you will remain there unless you delete your own account.

For information on deleting your account, please see here.

We hope this helps!

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