Check your email address and password

I want to change my email address but I forgot my password toggle

If you have forgotten your password, please reset it with a new password that is difficult for third parties to guess.


For details on how to reset your password, please see the following Help article:


Changing your password

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How to check your registered email address toggle
To check your email address, please follow the steps below:

1. Tap More > Settings > Account.
2. Tap Email Account Registration.
3. Your email address will appear under Change your registered email address.

Tap here to open the Account menu from your smartphone.

If you have not registered an email address, or wish to change it, please refer to the following Help articles:

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I can’t use my registered email address and I forgot my password toggle
If you are currently unable to use your registered email address, you can reset it by tapping the following link from the LINE app on your smartphone.

If you are viewing this page outside of the LINE app, please refer to the following steps to apply to cancel your email address:

1. Tap More > Settings > Help.
2. Under Category, tap Check/change registered information.
3. Tap Email address & password.
4. Tap Registered email address no longer available and forgot password.
5. Tap Apply to cancel registered email address.

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