Registering an email address and password

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Registering your email address to your LINE account gives you access to convenient features such as: 

- The ability to carry over your account when changing to a new device
- The PC and iPad versions of LINE

Note: You can still use LINE even if you do not register your email address. 

For help with registering your email address, please see the following articles:

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You can register an email address by following the steps below:

1. Tap More > Settings > Account > Email address.
2. Enter an email address and password, then tap OK.
3. Enter the verification code or tap the URL in the email that was sent to you.
4. Select Verify email address.

For a video guide, see here.
Note: If the video doesn't play, try opening the link with a different browser.

If you are viewing this article on your smartphone, tap here to move to the Account screen.

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I can't receive the verification email when registering my email address toggle
If you're not receiving the email with the verification code when registering your email address, it may be that:

• Your email address was not entered correctly.
• The email was sent to your spam, junk, or other folders.
• You have spam filters in place.
Note: In this case, please try again after temporarily disabling them.
E.g. This includes filters for blocking emails that contain URLs, blocking emails from PCs, etc.
• You have settings in place to only receive emails from certain domains.
Note: If you have domain filters in place on your email client, make sure that you allow emails from the domain "".

If the issue persists after checking the above, please try tapping Resend verification code to send the email again.

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