Missing Coins, Stickers, etc.

All my items (Coins, stickers, etc.) are missing after changing to a new device toggle
If you are unable to use your paid items after changing devices, please try the following.

To download your stickers:
1. Tap More > Settings.
2. Tap Stickers > My Stickers > Download All.

To download your themes:
1. Tap More > Settings.
2. Tap Themes > My Themes.

To check your Coin balance:
1. Tap More > Settings > Coins.

Note: You cannot carry over your Coin balance to a device with a different OS (e.g. iPhone to Android and vice versa).

Tap here to open the settings menu from your smartphone.

If you are unable to resolve your issue with the above, it is possible that your account was not carried over successfully.

If your account has not been carried over successfully, the following will not be carried over:

-Paid item purchase history
-Coin balance
-Phone number registered to LINE
-Friends and Groups list
-Chat history
-Registered data for linked apps

Some paid items can be transferred. For more details, please refer to the following article:

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Restoring missing items (Coins, stickers, etc.) toggle
If you were unable to transfer your account, we may be able to restore your purchased items.

We can restore:
- The right to use your LINE stickers and themes (including those received as gifts)
- Your purchase history and LINE Point/Coin balance
Note: Coins cannot be carried over between different OSes, such as from iPhone to Android and vice versa.
- Your Credit balance charged from LINE STORE

Please apply to restore your items via the link below after installing the LINE app and creating an account.

Important: For LINE game items and data, please send an inquiry from within the relevant game app.

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