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Your chat history is saved in the app on your device. For this reason, you cannot carry over or restore your chat history in the following cases.

- If you deleted your chat history
- If you uninstalled then reinstalled your LINE app (including restoring the app from backup)
- If you changed to a new device

If you wish to back up your chat history, please refer to the following article.

Backing Up and Restoring Chats

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From LINE version 6.4, you can save your chat history by backing them up on iCloud. Please note that in order to use this feature, your device must be running iOS version 8.1 or later.

After updating to the latest version of LINE, sign in to your iCloud account and do the following. Please note you will not be able to restore chats from a backup of the entire app.

To manually backup on iCloud
1. Go to More > Settings > Chats & Voice Calls.
2. Tap Chat History Backup > Back Up Now.

You can restore your chat history to a new phone from an iCloud backup. Sign in to your iCloud account on your new device and do the following.

Restore from iCloud
1. Start LINE on the new device.
2. Tap Log in and carry over your account.
3. If the screen to restore your chat history appears, tap Restore Chat History from Backup.

You can also save your chat history as a text file.

Please note
- You cannot save stickers, photos, videos, or voice messages.
- The history of each chat room will be saved; however they cannot be restored on LINE.
- You can view the saved file on apps that can read text files.

To save as a text file
1. Tap Chats and select the chat room you wish to save.
2. Tap the V icon on the top right > Settings.
3. Tap Export Chat History and choose an option to send the file.

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