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What is the Customer Care contact information for each country? toggle
LINE Pay Customer Care is handled separately by country.

Please refer to the link below which corresponds to the country of the phone number you registered with LINE.

If you are using a phone number for any other country, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

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Changes made to Rabbit LINE Pay (August 2015) toggle
The phone number and email address registered with your LINE account are now the same for your Rabbit LINE Pay account.

You will be asked to confirm and agree to this change the first time you log in to Rabbit LINE Pay after it was implemented.

This change is in effect for:
• LINE version 5.4.1 and later for Android
• LINE version 5.3.1 and later for iOS

If you are signing up to Rabbit LINE Pay for the first time, please note that by registering an account you are agreeing to these specifications.

If you do not agree to the change and would like to delete your Rabbit LINE Pay account, please contact us here.

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What should I do if I have a problem with Rabbit LINE Pay? toggle
If you encounter a problem with Rabbit LINE Pay, you may be able to resolve it by trying one of the following:

• Send a general inquiry through the Problem Report Form.
• Send an inquiry through the payment-related Problem Report Form.
• Check the Rabbit LINE Pay Help page here.
• Contact Rabbit LINE Pay Customer Care : 02-841-5400 (available all year from 9 am to 6 pm)

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