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I want to transfer my LINE account, but I don’t know my password toggle
Unfortunately, there is no way to check the password you need to transfer your LINE account. If you don't know your password, follow the steps below to reset it:

1. On your new device, open LINE and tap Log in.
2. Enter your phone number and tap the arrow.
3. Enter the six-digit verification code that's sent to you via text message.
Note: The code may be entered automatically on some devices.
4. Tap Yes, that's my account.
Note: If you see Yes, transfer my account, tap it followed by Log in with previous number or Log in with email address, then enter your registered information.
5. Tap Forgot your password?
6. Enter the email address registered to your LINE account.

If you don't receive the password reset email, see here.
Note: You will not be able to reset your password if you haven't registered an email address to your LINE account.

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I want to transfer my account, but I'm not receiving the password reset email toggle

If you are not receiving the password reset email, please check the following:


• Is your registered email address entered correctly?

• Did you enter an email address different from the one you registered?

• Are you trying to send the password reset email repeatedly within a short period of time? Please wait approximately 24 hours between attempts.

• Was the email sent to your spam, junk, or other folders?

• Do you have spam filters in place? Please try disabling them.

• Do you have settings in place to only receive emails from certain domains? If so, please add “” to your list of accepted domains.

• Does the email address you are using comply to RFC standards? The following are examples of email addresses that do not comply to RFC standards.

- Addresses with a dot (.) right before the @ symbol:

- Addresses with consecutive dots (.):

- Addresses that begin with a hyphen (-):


If your LINE account is linked with Facebook, you will be able to transfer it using your Facebook account.


Transferring an account with Facebook

Not linked with Facebook

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