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I got a login notification from the LINE official account toggle
The message you received is from the official account operated by LINE Corporation.

As part of our efforts to strengthen security, a message is sent when your account is transferred or tries to log in to LINE services.

If you received a notification but don't remember logging in, please check the following.

• If you can use LINE
Someone else may be trying to log in using the information registered to your LINE account.

To prevent others from logging in to your account, please change your password. For more information, see this Help article.

If you're still receiving messages after changing your password, please change the email address registered to your LINE account. See this Help article for more information.

• If you cannot use LINE
Your LINE account may have been stolen by a third party. Please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

The content of the notification message will differ depending on what your account is trying to do. For more information, please see the following Help articles.

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Do I need to worry about other people being able to see my chats? toggle

We respect your privacy above all else, and your sent/received messages and other information are treated with the highest level of security. LINE has established strict internal rules to ensure that your messages are protected.


Nothing you send or receive can be viewed by LINE or any third parties not participating in a chat.

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Preventing messages from strangers toggle
To stop strangers from messaging you:
1. On the Home tab, tap Settings > Privacy.
2. Turn on the option for Filter messages.

Tap here to open the Privacy settings from your smartphone.

With the Filter messages setting turned on, you will no longer receive messages from strangers, but you also will not receive messages from any acquaintances that are in your Friend recommendations.

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Blocking LINE Game messages toggle

To block messages from LINE Game apps:
1. Go to the Home tab > Settings > Notifications > Authorized apps.
2. Tap the game you want to block messages from.
3. Turn off Messages and/or Notifications.
- If you turn off Messages, you will not receive messages but will continue to receive any gifts your friends send you.
- If you turn off Notifications, you will still receive LINE messages but will not be notified when they arrive. 


Tap here to open the Authorized apps screen from your smartphone. 

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