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How do I register or delete a card? toggle
You can register or delete a credit or debit card by tapping Add Credit Card from the main menu on LINE Pay or go to Settings and tap Credit Cards.

To register a card:
Enter your card number, expiration date, and security code.
Note: If you haven't set a LINE Pay passcode, you'll need to set one when you register a card. After agreeing to the Terms of Use, enter your card information and set a passcode to complete the registration.

You can register multiple cards and set the card you use most often as your Main Card. Please see here for the types of cards you can register.

To delete a card:
Go to Settings > Credit Cards, and tap the X mark at the top right of the card you want to delete.

Please note that deleting a card will not delete its purchase history.

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How do I make payments with my card registered to LINE Pay? toggle

After choosing a product from a merchant that accepts LINE Pay (such as LINE STORE), select LINE Pay as the payment method when checking out. Then select the card you wish to use on the LINE Pay payment screen on your device.


- You need to use your smartphone to complete the payment process.

- If you have not set a LINE Pay passcode, you must set one after selecting the payment method.


We plan for the number of merchants where you can use LINE Pay to continue to expand even more in the future. Please understand that the merchants which accept LINE Pay vary by country.

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Where can I see my credit card payment details? toggle
You will receive a message from the LINE Pay official account with the details of your LINE Pay transactions.

You can also see a list of your transactions in your LINE Pay history by following the steps below:

1. From the LINE Pay main menu, tap History.
2. At the top of the screen, tap All and select the relevant credit card.
Note: If you make payments without signing up for LINE Pay, you will only be able to see the details of your purchases from the messages sent by the LINE Pay official account.

You can also manage your credit cards and more by going to Settings from the LINE Pay main menu.

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Cards that can be registered to LINE Pay toggle

Credit and debit card brands that can be registered include Visa and MasterCard. Depending on the merchant or country, some card brands may not be accepted.


If you're using LINE with a Japanese phone number:

• You cannot register a LINE Pay card.

• You can continue using an American Express or Diners card if you've already registered one; however, these cards can no longer be registered as a new card.


If you're using LINE with a phone number that is not an Indonesian, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Thai number:

You can continue using a JCB card if you've already registered one, but these cards can no longer be registered as a new card.

JCB cards cannot be used with LINE@ or LINE STORE, even if you already have one registered.

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I lost my card registered on LINE Pay. toggle
If you have lost your card, please contact your card company directly.

Once your card company cancels your card, making payments with it on LINE Pay will be restricted. You will continue to be able to pay using other cards on your account.

If you find your card again after reporting it lost, please contact your card company again about reactivating it. If you are able to reactivate it, you will be able to use it on LINE Pay again.

If you have the card reissued, please register the new card on LINE Pay.

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What happens if my registered card expired? toggle
If your registered credit or debit card is expired when making a purchase, you will receive a notice that says the purchase cannot be completed because the card is expired. 

If your card is expired, please contact your card company to have them issue you a new one. When you receive a new card, you can register the details by going to Settings from the main menu.

Please note that the details of your expired card will not be deleted automatically. For ease of use we recommend deleting the details of the expired card.

For steps on how to delete a registered card, please refer to the following Help article relevant to the country and region you are using LINE in.

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What is a main card? toggle
You can save multiple credit cards on your account and designate the one you use the most often as your main card. If you have a main card selected, it will be displayed first when making payments.

To change your main card, go to Settings > Credit Cards.

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My attempts to register a credit card are failing toggle

If you are unable to add your card even though you have added all the information correctly, please check the following:


1. Does the card support online payments?

2. Can the card be used overseas?

3. Is the card a corporate card? (Corporate cards can be used on LINE Pay, but there may be restrictions on the type of merchants and online payments that they can be used for.)


If you need further clarification, please contact your card company.


If you receive a notice that says you have reached the maximum number of registration attempts, please see this article.

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Accepted credit card types toggle

LINE Pay accepts three types of credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and JCB. You may not be able to use a card depending on the card type, country of issue, or merchant.


• Visa and MasterCard: Accepted at LINE-affiliated websites, such as LINE STORE.

• JCB: Accepted by some LINE-affiliated websites, but not all.

Note: There may be merchants that have restrictions on JCB cards issued from Korea.


In the future, we plan to have only the accepted card types for each merchant appear when making payments.

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Why did I get a message saying I exceeded the number of times to add cards? toggle

To ensure the safety of the service, users may try up to five times to register a card every seven days. If you exceed that limit, you will have to wait another seven days after the fifth attempt before you can try adding a card.


We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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I can't add or pay with my debit card toggle
If you are unable to register or pay with a debit card after you entered all of the information correctly, please check the following.

1. Does the card you are trying to use support online payments?
2. Is overseas use enabled for the card you are trying to use?
3. Are there sufficient funds in the bank account linked to the card? If not, please deposit some money into the account first.

If you need further clarification, please contact your card company.

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LINE Pay credit card verification toggle
LINE Pay's credit card verification works in cooperation with the 3-D Secure systems offered by credit card companies in order to protect against any unauthorized use.

Once your card has been verified, it will be registered on LINE Pay. Afterwards, all you need to do to make a payment is enter your LINE Pay passcode.

If you're using LINE Pay in Taiwan, please see this page for details.

When verifying your card, LINE Pay uses a secure network to check that your card company uses the 3-D Secure system. Even if you've never signed up for 3-D Secure, you can sign up for it right away from LINE Pay as long as your card company offers it.
Each credit card company may have a different service name for their 3-D Secure system.

Additionally, you won’t be able to register a card on LINE Pay if the company for that card doesn't offer 3-D Secure.

When your card is verified, a very small payment will be charged to your credit card in order to check its validity. The payment will immediately be canceled and the amount for that payment will be refunded to your card.

If you are unable to verify your credit card, please see this Help article.

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Why can't I verify my credit card? toggle
Please see the information below that corresponds to your situation.

A message saying “Unable to verify the card” or “Please try again with a different card” appeared:
The details of the 3-D Secure system may vary by card company. If you encounter an issue verifying your card, please inquire with your card company directly.

Additionally, cards issued by companies that do not provide 3-D Secure cannot be registered on LINE Pay.

For more information about LINE Pay’s credit card verification, please see this Help article.

I forgot the password to verify my credit card/I didn't receive the OTP (one time password):
LINE Pay’s card verification service uses the 3-D Secure system offered by your credit card company.

If you've forgotten your password or are unable to receive the OTP, please inquire with your credit company directly.

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