About the Follow feature toggle
Follow people you're interested in to get access to all of their public posts.

The Follow button will appear at the top right of public posts made by users who have turned on Allow follows in their settings.

You can follow up to 5,000 people and have up to 100 million followers.

Unlike your friends on LINE, you can't send chat messages back and forth with your followers or the people you follow.

In addition to being able to view the posts of the people you follow, you can also react to and comment on them.

For more information, see the Help articles below:

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About the Follower/Following lists toggle
You can see the people you're following on the Following list, and the people following you on the Followers list.

To check your Follower/Following lists:
1. Tap Voom > the silhouette icon at the top right of the screen.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Follows.

To unfollow someone, tap the Following tab > Following next to their name > Unfollow.

To remove a follower, tap the Followers tab > the icon next to their name > Remove.
Note: A user can follow you again after you've removed them. If you don't want a user to follow you, block them on LINE VOOM.

To report a problematic follower, see this Help article.

If you don't want to be followed, see this Help article about changing your settings.

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Changing your Follow settings toggle
To change your Follow settings: 
1. Tap Voom > your icon at the top right of the screen > Settings.
2. Tap Follow settings.
3. Turn Allow follows or Show follow info ON or OFF.

If Allow follows is turned on:
Other users will be able to follow you and see your posts that are set to Public. Also, other users will see your LINE account under Suggested for you.

If Show follow info is turned on:
Your following and follower information will be visible to all users, including people who aren't following you. Also, your followers and the people you follow will appear to each other under Suggested for you if they aren't already connected on LINE VOOM.
Note: People who started following you while your Allow follows or Show follow info settings were on will remain your followers if you turn these settings off later.

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