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    Friend/group-related issues

    Friend and profile information differs from what others see/Changes to settings do not appear

    Someone I don't know joined my group

    My friend's account appears, but a different person is using it

    My friends don't appear

    I can't add friends using ID Search

    I can't add friends via QR code

    Contacts on my device don't appear in my friend list

    Why does a blocked or removed friend still appear in my game rankings?

    I have Auto-add friends turned on, but my contact wasn't added

    I receive the message “The account you are trying to add cannot accept any more friends.”

    Re-adding deleted friends

    Preventing chat messages from people you don’t know and group invitations

    People I don't know are showing up in my friend recommendations

    I get an error when creating/deleting/inviting others to groups

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