註冊/解約LINE Pay

我要怎麼解約LINE Pay呢? toggle

To delete your LINE Pay account: 
1. From the LINE Pay main menu, tap Settings > Delete Account > Delete Account.
2. Tap OK on the confirmation screen.

Important: Deleting your LINE Pay account will erase your account activity details, LINE Pay balance, and all of your other account information.

You will not be able to delete your account right away if:
• You've signed up for any LINE Pay services.
Before deleting your LINE Pay account, you need to delete/unlink the following services.
Note: Select a service for the steps to delete/unlink it. (Some Help articles are only available in Japanese.)

• You still have incomplete transactions.
If you've sent money to friends on LINE or made wire transfers, you cannot delete your LINE Pay account until all your transactions are finalized. From the LINE Pay main menu, tap Send Money > Transfer history and make sure there are no pending transactions, then delete your LINE Pay account.

• Your LINE Pay account has been suspended.
Reactivate your LINE Pay account by following the steps in this Help article, then delete it.

• You have a LINE Pay balance of more than JPY 220.
Forfeit or withdraw your balance to a bank account, then delete your LINE Pay account.
- If you have a LINE Cash account, you can withdraw your balance after changing to a LINE Money account.
- Please understand that if you forfeit your balance, you will not be able to withdraw it after deleting your account.

• All of your payment transactions have not been finalized.
You cannot delete your LINE Pay account until all of your LINE Pay transactions (e.g. My Code, LINE Pay card, or Visa LINE Pay prepaid card payments) are finalized.
Note: LINE Pay card and Visa LINE Pay prepaid card transactions can take up to two months to be finalized from the time money is subtracted or refunded.

From the LINE Pay main menu, choose History and make sure that "Transaction Complete" appears for every transaction, then delete your LINE Pay account.
Note: Tap a transaction to check when it was made and completed, along with other details.

You cannot delete your LINE Pay account yourself if:
• You transferred your LINE account using a phone number from a different country.
• You transferred your LINE account to an OS that is not supported by LINE Pay.
Note: LINE Pay is not supported on OSes other than iOS and Android (e.g. Windows Phone).

In these cases, please contact Customer Care and we will delete your LINE Pay account for you.
Note: If you have more than JPY 220 left in your LINE Pay balance, we will transfer your remaining balance to your registered bank account.


若刪除了LINE的帳號,LINE Pay也會自動解約嗎? toggle
LINE帳號一經刪除,LINE Pay帳號也會因此自動解約。
然而,若您在LINE Pay中仍有尚未結束的付款作業,您必須在該筆付款作業完成後才能解約LINE Pay帳號,及刪除您的LINE帳號。

此外,若您在更換手機時未能成功移動您的帳號,您的LINE Pay有可能成為無法使用的狀態。

※若您因為移動帳號而導致無法使用LINE Pay,請依照您的使用國家參閱下列說明。

※若您無法解約LINE Pay,請依照您的使用國家參閱下列說明。


我要如何才能停用子女(未成年)的LINE Pay帳號呢? toggle

If you want to restrict your child from using LINE Pay, please follow the steps in this article on your child’s smartphone.

If you are unable to perform the steps above on your child’s smartphone, or if you want to prevent your child from signing up for a LINE Pay account, please contact us here with the information below.

1. What is your information?
a. Name
b. Relationship with the minor in question 2 (E.g., Mother)

2. What is the information of the child using the device you want to delete the account from?
a. Name
b. Date of birth
c. Phone number registered to LINE
d. Email registered to LINE

Once we have confirmed all the information you provided, we will contact you again with a list of documents necessary. These include your family register and the bills from the mobile service carrier for your child’s phone number for the last three months.


LINE Payの加入方法は? toggle

To sign up for LINE Pay, start the LINE app and go to Wallet > LINE Pay.
Note: You need to have an account that is registered with a Japanese phone number.

Accept all of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies to complete the registration process.

You can also easily make purchases without signing up for LINE Pay. Please see this link for more details.