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Verifying an account with Facebook toggle
If you are unable to verify your account using SMS or a phone call, you can also use your Facebook account. 

Please follow the steps below to verify using Facebook:
1. Install LINE and tap Sign up on the initial start-up screen.
2. Tap Log in with Facebook.
3. Log in to Facebook.

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What is Call Me Instead? toggle

Call Me Instead is another option you can use to verify your phone number.

Please try the following steps if you are unable to receive the verification SMS when verifying your phone number. By performing the following, you will be provided with a 4 digit verification code from the on call guidance.

If Call Me Instead does not appear, it means that verification of your phone number was automatically completed or this option is not available to you.

1. Start LINE and tap Log in or Sign up.

2. Select your country and enter your phone number, then tap Next.

3. On the Registration screen, tap Call Me Instead. You will receive a phone call to the phone number you entered.

4. Enter the 4 digit verification code provided by the on call guidance and tap Next.


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Using LINE on devices unable to receive SMS toggle

If you are unable to receive SMS messages on your phone, please verify via phone call or Facebook.

Verification by phone call is only available in some countries, and verification with Facebook is only available on iOS and Android.


Verify Using Phone Call

Verify Using Facebook

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Register using a phone number toggle
To register to LINE using your phone number, please refer to the following steps:

1. Start LINE and tap Sign up.
2. Select the country and enter your phone number.
3. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and tap NEXT.
4. Tap OK to send yourself a verification SMS.
5. Enter the verification code you received via SMS and tap NEXT.
On some devices, the verification code you receive will be entered automatically. 
Also, on some devices, only the automated call verification feature is available.
6. Enter your User Name and set a profile photo.
7. Select the add friends options and tap Register.
8. Select whether or not to register your email address.
If you wish carry over your account in the future, you will need to register your email address.

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