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If your LINE account has been stolen by someone logging in without your authorization, please see the following.

1. Try logging in again.
Open LINE on your smartphone and tap Login. Enter the email address and password configured previously and see if you can log in. If you manage to log in, go to the More or “…” tab > Settings > Accounts > Email Registration, Email Account Registration, or Change Your Email to change your password immediately.

2. Send an account deletion request.
If you are unable to log in after trying step 1, someone may have already changed your password. Please to go the Problem Report Form, select the Stolen Accounts category, and send us the details of the issue. We will delete your account to prevent its further misuse. We will also restore your items after looking into your account.

Items that Can Be Restored
- The right to use your LINE stickers and themes (including those received as gifts)
- Purchase history and Coin balance
- LINE STORE Credit balance

Apply to Restore items

How to protect your account from unauthorized logins 

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There have been many cases where unauthorized third parties have logged in to internet services using email addresses and passwords leaked from other services. Please note that no information registered to LINE, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords, have been compromised.

If you are using the same email address and password for LINE as another service, we strongly recommend changing your password.

Reported cases of unauthorized logins
The following types of messages are often sent by a third party when an account is stolen. If you receive messages asking you to do any of the following from a friend, it is possible their account may have been stolen.

- Help me buy prepaid cards
- Help me buy iTunes cards
- I’m in trouble and need you to transfer money to my bank account

As they may change the content of their messages at any time, you should also suspect if your friend’s account has been stolen in the following cases.
- The messages don't sound like the way your friend talks
- A friend whom you have not spoken to for a long time suddenly asks you for money
- The friend's language is unnatural

Your friend’s account has been stolen
If you suspect that your friend’s account may have been stolen, please contact them outside of LINE (in person, by text, by phone, or on a social network) to let them know.

Your account has been stolen
If you are suddenly unable to access your account even though you did not make any changes to it, or if your friend contacts you to let you know that your account has been stolen, please see the following article.

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