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About the "Regarding Usage of Your Information" consent screen toggle
We're asking users to agree to updates regarding the usage of their personal information and our Privacy Policy. These updates will help improve the level of service provided to LINE users.

For more information on the changes to both our Privacy Policy and the usage of your information, please refer to the following links:

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide the most convenient and secure experience possible with LINE, and will continue making improvements based on user feedback.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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About the URL access information collected via the LINE app toggle
URL access information is collected only from users who have agreed to provide LINE chat usage data

When collecting URL access information, we take the following measures to protect users' privacy:

• Only the domain name and the hashed variable part of the URL (path and parameters) is collected.
• Collected data is not linked to a user identifier.

It is very difficult to obtain an original URL from its hash, so we calculate our access ranking by hashing the URLs of widely used public sites and comparing the resulting hashes with the URL hashes we collected. We then calculate the number of site visits only for the sites with matching hashes.

We do not try to convert hashed URLs to the original URLs in any way.

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The "External app access" setting toggle
When your friends on LINE use external apps (e.g. apps offered by companies other than LINE), those apps ask LINE whether it can access your profile information. The External app access setting lets you allow or deny such access.
Note: Your profile information includes your LINE display name, profile photo, status message, and uniquely assigned internal identifier (a unique number that LINE gives each user).

If you enable this setting, external apps will be able to access your LINE profile information, which is used in the friend requests and display of names in rankings for those apps.

For your reference, LINE Games and other LINE services can access your profile information regardless of your External app access setting.

Please see here for more information about our privacy policy. 

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What new personal information will LINE acquire? toggle
The following information will be acquired.

Information about chats between friends
This includes which friends were in the chat room, the date and time of sent/received messages, "Read" marks, data formats used, and information on the use of features (such as the use of the "unsend" feature and accessed URLs).

Please be assured that the content of your chat messages (including images and videos) and calls will NOT be used.

Chats with official accounts
This means communication in chat rooms, including chat content (text messages, images, and videos). However, the content of chats with accounts used for industries which are deemed by LINE as having a high possibility of containing sensitive information (personal information or other information of a private nature) will be exempt. This includes industries such as financial and political institutions, state institutions, and hospitals.

This includes the content, date, and time of posts, data formats used, stickers posted in comments, time viewed, and number of times viewed. However, LINE VOOM posts set to “Only me” will be excluded.

Use of the app, including LINE's in-app browser, save feature, and sharing
If the features for saving and sharing data are used, information including the data formats and when the data was viewed will be acquired.

Website browsing information
This includes information pertaining to URLs you have viewed and the source information of the URLs accessed via the LINE app.

We aim to use the above mentioned information to bring all of our users an even better experience when using LINE’s services. For more information, see here.

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Changing your consent settings for providing data toggle
To change your consent settings:
1. On the Home tab, tap Settings > Privacy.
2. Tap Provide usage data > turn Chat information ON.
3. Tap Agree or Decline on the "Regarding Usage of Your Information" screen.

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What will my information be used for? toggle
Agreeing to the updated policies regarding the use of your information will allow LINE to offer further service improvements for all users. We appreciate your cooperation in agreeing to these changes.

When you agree to share your information, we can make improvements to our services in the following ways:

Prevent abuse and other fraudulent use of LINE services and features
This includes improving countermeasures against harmful activity such as harassment, spam, and account theft.

Improve services through continued research and development
This includes improving our AI services and creating more user-friendly screen layouts and designs.

Display more personalized content
By consenting to sharing your data, you can see content and ads that you're personally interested in.

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Changing the "External app access" setting toggle
To change the External app access setting:
1. On the Home tab, tap Settings > Privacy.
2. Tap External app access.

Depending on which option you choose, the following settings will apply.

• Always allowed
Access to your profile information is always allowed to external apps.

• Only for people on your friend list
Access to your profile information is only allowed to external apps used by your friends on LINE.

• Never allowed
Access to your profile information is never allowed.

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About personalized ads toggle
LINE uses cookies to obtain your web browsing history and deliver personalized ads based on your interests.

Personalized ads are also delivered using ad tracking and your LINE internal identifier. See this page for details. (Not available in Japanese.)

If you don't want to see personalized ads:
1. Tap the Home tab > Settings.
2. Tap Privacy > Ad settings.
3. Turn OFF Use web tracking to personalize my ads and Use my LINE internal identifier to personalize my ads.

- The “Use my LINE internal identifier to personalize my ads” setting appears in LINE version 10.18.0 and later.
- You can configure ad tracking in your device settings. For more information, see the official page for iOS or Android.

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