About Chats



How do I back up my chats?

If you would like to back up your chats, please do the following.

1. Tap Chats on the main menu bar
2. Tap the chat you wish to save
3. Tap V at the top right
4. Tap Settings from the menu
5. Tap Export Chat History
6. Tap Send by Email

Images sent will not be backed up.

If you do not receive the message even after you have finished sending it, please check your spam folder. If it is still not delivered, please enter another email address where possible.

Can I cancel or delete a message that has already been sent?

Sorry, you cannot cancel or delete messages that you have already sent.

What are the [Read] signs? Do the times shown tell us when the message was read?

The Read signs indicate that the person has seen your message.
In group chat-rooms, the signs will be shown as Read by 2 etc., showing the number of people who have seen your message within the group.

Depending upon the other person’s device, the Read signs may be shown when the person has received notification of your message, and therefore it does not necessarily mean that the person has read your message.

The times displayed indicate the time you sent the messages.
It is not the time the other person viewed the message.

Please use these features as a rough estimate only.

Can I use the normal default emoticons on my device?

As we cannot offer any official support for emoticons/emoji not provided by us, we recommend that you use our LINE emoji in your chats. If using other emoji, there may be occasions where they cannot be displayed properly.

We hope you have fun using our emoji!

What does the gray exclamation mark in the chat window mean?

A gray exclamation mark right next to a message or picture indicates that the item was not delivered successfully. Please try sending the item again later when the network becomes stable.

To resend a failed message, please do the the following:
1. Tap the exclamation mark.
2. Tap Resend.

How do I send a video, picture or location information?

To send video, picture or location info, tap the [+] button from the message input line to display a popup menu, then tap the appropriate option. 

You can send video, pictures and location information that are taken by yourself or stored in your album.
You can also send your current location or a specific location found on the Internet in the same way.

<For Windows Phone Users>
As the locations provided by Bing Maps can sometimes be inaccurate, the location information shown may not be correct.

<For BlackBerry Users>
*While in the chat-room, please press the BlackBerry menu button.
*Please note that location info cannot be sent from the BlackBerry version

How do I send an audio message?

Tap the [+] button from the message input line to display a popup menu and tap Audio Message.

A voice recording function will be displayed on your screen. Tap and hold the HOLD TO TALK button and your audio message will be recorded while the button is held down. When you release the button, the audio recording will stop and the message will be sent.

How can I block messages from people who are not my friends?

You can reject messages from people who are not your friends by using the following steps.

iPhone and Android
1. Tap More on the main menu bar
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Privacy
4. Turn on Reject Messages

On Android devices, a check in the box next to Reject Messages indicates that the option has been turned on.

Firefox Phone
1. Tap Settings on the main menu
2. Tap Privacy Settings
3. Turn on Filter Messages

What is the Hidden Chat feature?

The Hidden Chat feature creates a special 1-on-1 chat that is different than normal chats.


Text, photos, and other content sent within Hidden Chats are hidden, and can only be viewed for a pre-set amount of time after the receiver taps the message. When the time period is up, the message is deleted. Messages cannot be restored once they are deleted.


Please see here for more information about the system requirements for Hidden Chats.

What are the system requirements for Hidden Chat?

The Hidden Chat feature can be used on Android and iOS devices with LINE versions 4.5.0 and later. If you are using an older version of LINE, please update to the latest one here.


Users with accounts registered in Japan and China cannot use Hidden Chats.


You cannot use this feature if your OS is not supported by Hidden Chats, or if you live in a country where it is not available. Both the sender and receiver must be able to use Hidden Chats in order to use this feature.

What is the difference between Hidden Chat and the normal chat feature?

The main differences between Hidden Chats and regular chats are as follows.


Supported OSes
Hidden Chats can only be used on Android and iOS devices with LINE version 4.5.0 or later. The feature cannot be used on any other OSes or older versions of LINE. Normal chats can be used on all OSes supported by LINE and all usable versions of the app.


Storage Period for Messages
Messages sent with Hidden Chat disappear after a pre-set time period once the receiver has viewed the message. Messages sent using the normal chat feature are stored on the device and can be backed up.


Transferable File Types
Text, stickers, location information, contact info, and photos can be sent with Hidden Chats. The normal chat feature allows you to send text, stickers, location information, contact info, photos, movies and voice messages, as well as create notes and albums.

What time periods can I set the Hidden Chat timer for?

Hidden chats can be set for 25, or 10 seconds1 minute1 hour1 day, or 1 week.


Messages sent with this feature can only be viewed for the time period set by the sender. The countdown for the timer starts when the recipient views the message.


What is a popup window in Notifications?

This is a function that displays part of the notification message that you have received on your device in a popup window.
While the device is in sleep mode and you do not receive notifications automatically, LINE will display it in a pop-up window.
*To turn off popup notifications during sleep mode, please switch OFF the Notify during sleep mode option.
You can send messages of up to 500 characters from a popup window. (Line breaks not available)
*If you send a message from the popup window, the message that you replied to will be displayed as Read on the receiver’s chat room.

What does the LED item in the Notifications setting do?

If you go to Settings > Notifications > LED and switch ON the LED, the LED will blink when you have an incoming LINE message in sleep mode.
The LED will blink when

- a new message arrives.
- you are invited to a group.
- a new member joins the group.

* This feature does not work with devices that do not support the LED feature.

Voice Calls

How do I make voice calls?

Users who are friends can enjoy free voice calls using LINE!
There are three ways to call your friends on LINE.

■ Call from the Friends list.
1. Tap a friend from the Friends list and a pop-up will be shown.
2. Tap Free Call to start calling. The connection will be made once the other user presses Answer.

■ Call from the Chats list.
1. A pop-up will be shown when you tap the friend's profile picture on the Chats page.
2. Tap Free Call to start calling. The connection will be made once the other user presses Answer.

■ Call from a Group.
1. Enter the group chat-room and tap the group title at the top. Tap the profile pictures displayed below the group title to bring up a list of the group members.  Tap the user you wish to call from the list.
2. Tap Free Call to start calling. The connection will be made once the other user presses Answer.

*Connections can be made in the same order as above from the Group Members list in the Friends tab.
*As with any other apps, data communication fees may be charged when using 3G network. We recommend that users use a fixed rate mobile price plan. Please try again in a WiFi environment if the speech quality below average.

We hope this helps.

How do I reject voice calls?

You can switch off voice calls by going to Settings > Chats & Voice Calls and unchecking Receive Voice Calls.

With this setting switched off, your friends will hear the call trying to connect when they try to call you, and you will receive a message saying “xxx called you. You cannot answer as [Receive Voice Calls] is switched OFF.” The caller will not be notified of your settings.

Does LINE support Bluetooth devices?

It depends on your Smartphone. Some Smartphones may not support external devices such as Bluetooth headsets.

Which devices are video calls available on?

Video calls are only available on iOS, Android, and PCs.

The recommended environments are as follows.

- iPhone 4 or higher, iPod touch 4th generation or higher, or iPad 2 or higher operating on iOS 4.3 or higher

- CPU 900 MHz or higher
- OpenGL ES 2.0 or higher

Are video calls free?

LINE provides all its basic functions, including voice calls, video calls, and messages (sending of text, photos, location information, and the usage of translation and weather bots) at absolutely no cost. We also offer optional paid services such as some stickers and Coins.

These functions are free regardless of your mobile network operator, and even with friends residing overseas, or when you are traveling abroad yourself.

However, as with any other app, you may be charged a data usage fee by your mobile network operator.

Depending on your mobile subscription, you may be charged a fee by your mobile network operator each time you connect to LINE. Therefore, we recommend using LINE on an unlimited data plan to ensure that no additional costs are incurred. You may wish to check with your mobile network operator for more details.