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I can't purchase some stickers or themes toggle
You may be unable to purchase stickers and themes in the following cases:

1. The sticker set or theme is only available for a limited period.
You will not be able to purchase it after the period has expired.

2. The sticker set or theme is not available.
Stickers and themes sometimes go on sale at different times in the App Store and Google Play. Additionally, some stickers and themes are only available from certain app stores (the App Store, Google Play) or on LINE STORE.

3. The payment method is not accepted
Google Play payments are not supported in some countries and regions, and on some devices.
In this case, you will not be able to purchase any items from the Sticker and Theme Shops.

4. Some stickers are only available in certain countries.
If the sticker set’s details page says “Not on Sale,” or if you cannot find the set in the Sticker Shop, that means you cannot purchase or download it.

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I cannot purchase Coins toggle

LINE Coin purchases are made through Google and Apple. If you see any errors or are unsure of passwords that you are required to enter when making a purchase, please contact Google or Apple directly.

If you were not issued Coins after purchasing them, please see the following Help article:

Problems purchasing coins

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I'm having a problem purchasing Coins toggle

If you are experiencing issues purchasing Coins, please refer to the following based on your OS:


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