LINE Pay是什麼樣的服務呢? toggle

LINE Pay is a smartphone digital wallet service offered by LINE. You can use it to shop both online and offline by adding money to your LINE Pay balance in advance or adding a credit card.

For details about using LINE Pay, see here (only available in Japanese).
Note: To sign up for LINE Pay, you need a LINE account that is registered with a Japanese phone number.

By verifying your identity, you can convert your LINE Cash account to a LINE Money account and get access to features for sending and withdrawing money.

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LINE Pay卡及Google Pay是什麼樣的服務? toggle

For more information about LINE Pay cards and Google Pay, please refer to the LINE Pay card Help page.


建議使用環境 toggle
iOS 11.0以上版本
Android OS 5.0以上版本
⋅Google Chrome:30以上版本
⋅Microsoft Internet Explorer:11以上版本
⋅Mozilla Firefox:27以上版本


使用LINE Pay時需要支付手續費嗎? toggle

There are no service charges for making payments with LINE Pay, adding money to your LINE Pay balance, or sending money to friends on LINE.

However, there are service charges for the following features:

• LINE Pay balance withdrawals: JPY 220 per withdrawal
• Wire transfers: JPY 176 per transfer
• Scan Bill payments
Note: For more information on Scan Bill payment service charges, see this Help article.

There are also separate service charges for merchants using LINE Pay. For details, see the LINE Pay Merchant website.


LINE Pay安全嗎? toggle
為了防止帳號遭到第三者不當使用,除了LINE帳號的密碼外,用戶可以另外設定一筆LINE Pay密碼。
當智慧手機遺失或遭竊時,LINE Pay密碼將成為保護您LINE Pay帳號安全的手段之一。
※為了讓您在更安全的環境下使用本服務,建議您完成LINE Pay密碼的設定。

開啟LINE Pay的密碼鎖定設定,LINE Pay餘額及信用卡資料等資訊即可獲得更高層級的安全保護。
LINE Pay密碼鎖定的設定方法,請參閱下列說明。

1. 於LINE Pay主畫面依序點選「設定」「密碼」
2. 開啟「密碼鎖定」的功能

透過LINE Pay進行付費時,我們使用的高度加密技術可保護用戶的個人資料及付費資訊不受外部釣魚網站攻擊,且系統內將會對用戶個人資料及LINE Pay基本資料進行雙重認證。
交易進行時,必須透過智慧手機開啟LINE Pay,並由用戶本人親自執行付費操作。
同時,畫面上將會顯示用戶本人的LINE基本資料,讓用戶可由畫面上的資料得知該筆交易是經由LINE Pay執行。

萬一您的智慧手機不慎遺失,請立即與我們聯絡,我們可為您的LINE Pay辦理停用手續,敬請放心。
當您希望再次使用LINE Pay時,只要透過智慧手機即可直接進行操作。

若希望停用LINE Pay,請先確認此處的說明後再提出申請,謝謝。
※若Visa LINE Pay信用卡遺失或遭竊,請參考此處說明。


「LINE Cash」和「LINE Money」是什麼呢? toggle

There are two types of LINE Pay accounts: LINE Cash and LINE Money. The features available depend on which account type you have.
Note: You can also make payments using LINE Pay without signing up for an account. For details, see this Help article.

LINE Cash account
When you sign up for LINE Pay, you get a LINE Cash account. With this account type, you can make purchases using your LINE Pay balance (once you've added money to it) or a registered credit card. You can also have a LINE Pay card issued, which can be used for making payments at JCB merchants.

A LINE Cash account also lets you:
• Request money from friends on LINE
• Request to split bills with friends on LINE
Note: You can only send requests with a LINE Cash account, and you cannot send money or pay split bills yourself.

LINE Money account
When you verify your identity with LINE Pay, your LINE Cash account becomes a LINE Money account.

In addition to the features of a LINE Cash account, a LINE Money account lets you:
• Send money to friends on LINE
• Make withdrawals from your LINE Pay balance
• Make wire transfers


使用「LINE Money」時所需要的用戶身分認證該如何進行呢? toggle

To use LINE Money, you need to first verify your identity.

From the LINE Pay main menu, tap Settings > Identity verification and choose one of the verification methods listed below.
- If you haven't set a passcode, you'll need to set one after agreeing to the Terms of Use.
- Your request to verify your identity will be canceled if you unsuccessfully try to transfer your LINE account (e.g. after changing devices).

• Bank account verification
Verify your identity by linking your bank account to LINE Pay. See this Help article for details.

• Verify your identity online
Use any of the acceptable forms of ID mentioned below and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity.
- This option may not be available on some devices.
- You will need to take a photo of the side of your ID (laid flat). Refer to the video below for instructions on how to do so.

Use any of the following photo IDs when verifying your identity online:
- Driver's license
- 運転経歴証明書 (driving history certificate)
- Japanese passport
Note: Japanese passports without the "Information on Bearer" page are not accepted.
- Individual Number (My Number) card
Note: Individual Number notification cards are not accepted.
- Residence card
- Special permanent resident certificate

Once you've completed verifying your identity with the "Verify Your Identity Online" method, you'll receive a notification from the LINE Pay identity verification account and you'll be able to send money and use other LINE Money services.
Note: You need to use LINE version 9.7 or later (Android) to verify your identity with this option.

Important: As of February 14, 2020, we are no longer accepting identity verification applications via postcard.