Friend Recommendation Settings

Filtering messages from non-friends toggle
To filter messages from users who are not your friends, please follow the steps below.

1. Tap the settings icon > Privacy.
2. Turn ON Filter Messages.

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Blocking friend recommendations toggle
You can block messages from users on your Friend Recommendations list by following the steps below.

1. Tap the friends icon > add friends icon.
2. Tap the user you wish to block.
3. Tap Block.

It may take a while for the changes to take effect.

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How friend recommendations work toggle
A user may appear under friend recommendations because:
• They have your phone number saved in their contacts and are also using LINE (but you don't have their number in your contacts).
• They knew your LINE ID and added you by searching for it on LINE.
• They added you from the member list of a group or multi-person chat you were both in.
• They added you by using your contact information (LINE account information) that was shared in a chat room by a friend of yours.
Note: If your contact information was shared, the user will only be able to see your name registered on LINE, profile photo, and status message.
• They added you using the URL in an invite email, or using your QR code.

In some cases, you'll see how a user added you under friend recommendations.

If you see how a user added you, it will be for the following reasons:
• They added you using your phone number.
• They added you using your QR code.
• They added you using your LINE ID.

If you don’t see how a user added you, it may be because:
• They were in a group with you and added you from it.
• They got your contact information from another one of your friends and added you.

If you have “Auto-add friends” turned on, and someone in your contacts shows up under your friend recommendations on the smartphone version of LINE, it means they have the following settings configured:
Auto-add friends: ON
Allow others to add me: OFF

The name that appears for a user under your friend recommendations is the name they set on LINE. If an unfamiliar name appears under your friend recommendations, the only way to confirm who they are is to ask them directly.

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